Shuitar B


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The natural, raw wood Shuitar B has the big sound of the Type 1. The natural wood will age gracefully with your personal playing style. This highly-modified, custom guitar body is designed for playing beats that only the shuitar can make.

Includes neck strap, two backbeat rings, scratch ring.
5-6 days estimated delivery.

Play drums anywhere . . . acoustically or with one microphone. See video here.
- We sell a gig bag that works well.
- Pro instrument, not a toy. Use at your own risk. Requires practice!
- Designed and hand-assembled in Nashville. Handmade jingle sticks, bridges, and scratches rings. Custom shuitar spec, raw guitar bodies from China.
- 10-day return policy if undamaged (customer pays shipping).
- 6% profits to Forestry Stewardship Council & The Nature Conservancy.
- Share your Shuitar experience!


Image of Shuitar B Image of Shuitar B Image of Shuitar B